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 Blessingway Clebration Services
Imagine you are pregnant, your baby due very soon and you are surrounded by your closest friends...they gather to honor you and the incredible rite of passage you are going through...you are pampered with a healing foot bath, your hands and feet massaged, you are crowned with flowers, and offered blessings for your upcoming birth...
This is a blessingway, and more and more, pregnant women are asking for this empowering ceremony instead of, or in addition to a baby shower.
The Blessingway is a mother-centered ceremony that honors a woman as she prepares to make the transition into motherhood, through pregnancy and birth.  It has Native American roots and has evolved as a modern ritual for birthing women. It brings a spiritual aspect to birth preparation and encircles the mother-to-be with love and support from other women. She is honored for who she is, for giving the gift of life, and for who she will become as she begins this new journey as a mother. She is blessed and honored for her beauty and reminded of her connection to all women.
Beautiful Beginnings can help you create a unique, personalized blessingway ceremony for yourself or a special mother-to-be in your life. Each ceremony is written specifically for the individual pregnant mother, and is personalized just for her. Other than a beginning and an ending, the entire blessingway is up to you. If something doesn't appeal, then it is simply skipped. After the formal ceremony is done, the festivities usually end with food and friends chatting until it's time to go home.
Beautiful Beginnings offers the service of planning and hosting a Blessingway ceremony.
This service includes:
  • A meeting to discuss your vision for the Blessingway. It can also be a surprise for the mother-to-be, sponsored by friends and family. 
  • Creating a guest list and designing and sending out Evite invitations.
  • Planning the event, rituals, and activities. 
  • Hosting the ceremony and events.  Blessingway Ceremonies usually take place at the mother’s house or the house of a friend or family member.

You can tailor your own package by selecting from the below list which services and activities you wish to incorporate:
Circle of Mothers & Children ~ Candle Lighting Ceremony 
All the women gather, hand-in-hand, forming a circle and sit on the floor. In the center, a gathering of unlit candles encircles a single, lit candle. The hostess, taking the candle directly in front of her, lights it from the center candle and pronounces, "I am (saying her name), daughter of (her mother's name) and motherof (her childrens' names); she directs the next woman in the circle to take the candle in front of her and proceed in the same fashion. The circle ends with the Mother of Honor lighting her own candle. 
The Blessings Necklace
Two different sets of beautifully colored beads are provided. Each set has enough beads for each guest to get one of each. At the beginning of the Blessingway, guests write down on a piece of paper one blessing for the mother and one blessing for her baby. Using a length of cord, long enough to fit all beads from all the guests, it passes from one guest to another. Each guest slips on the blessing beads for the mother and the baby, verbally giving her blessings for each of them. Once everyone has put their beads on the cord, it is tied into a necklace and presented to the Mother of Honor. All of the pieces of paper with the written blessings are put into a box for the mother to look through later.The mother can wear, carry, or focus on her Blessing Necklace during her baby's birth. This special keepsake can be passed on to that child later in life. 
Belly Casting
I can create a belly cast as part of a Blessingway ceremony or separately.  Once completely dry the finished cast can then be preserved as is, or can be painted or adorned with beads, flowers, stickers or other art & craft goodies.  It is your canvas!  You may wish to create a belly cast before the Blessingway ceremony so it can be decorated during the gathering.

Foot Bath Soak, with hand and foot massage
The Mother of Honor is pampered with an aromatherapy foot bath, and hand and foot massage!
Presents for Guests
Candles make wonderful mementos for the guests to take home. Ask them to light the candle every night until the baby is born.
Our candles come beautiful presented in a large glass votive and are made from 100% pure soy wax, 100% pure essential oils, have cotton wix and contain no nasties whatsoever!  Available in Lavender, Lavender & Orange, Vanilla, Lemon Myrtle, Lime & Rose Geranium.
Special Services
Belly Painting, Henna Art, Photography, Floral Headpieces, Bindis (Hindu jewels for your forehead), Hair Braiding/Beading, Catering, Dancers, and Musicians can all be arranged if desired.
I coordinate Blessingway Celebrations for my doula clients as well as for the public.  If you are a client, family member, or friend and want to learn more about my blessingway celebration services, please contact me.